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Put your farm in trustworthy hands

As a family-owned and operated business here in Mt. Zion, Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service gets what life can be like for our local farmers. We understand the contribution you make and we're here to make sure you're treated fairly.

Your farm is your livelihood. If 90% of your income comes from farming, you have to pay taxes by the end of February, not April. Don't rely on just anyone to help you navigate through these rules and laws. Wilhoit Accouting & Tax Service can do the job, and we can do it correctly.

Contact us today to see how much we can beat any national chain's price. The over 10 years of experience, Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service has is superior to what you'll get somewhere else. We're open year-round and always here to help you with any kind of IRS notice that should arise.

Don't cut corners when it comes to your farm

Helping you get the most out of your farm

We have more experince than the national chains

He is able to anticipate my needs and provide them before I even know I need them.

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