Don't wait until the end of April

Most businesses don't know how much money they can save with a little planning. Trust Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service of Mt. Zion, IL to help you with that palnning, so you're not scrambling around Tax Day to get everything in at a higher price!

Our expert accountants are here to make everything easier and more affordable for you. You don't have to worry, it's all legal and ethical. At Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service, we will coordinate a proper tax plan, so we can maximize savings for you.

Up to date on the latest laws and a routine participant in tax forums, Wilhoit Accounting & Tax Service will make sure you're in compliance with all the latest regulations and legislation. We're also open year-round to help with any IRS notices that may arise.

  • E-filing

  • On-time filing

  • LLCs

  • Corporations

  • Trusts and estates

Experience you can trust

Monitoring your tax situation

Licensed and certified tax professionals

We consistently beat the price charged by the national chains! Bring us the price that the big chain is charging you and see for yourself.

  • Planning

  • Compliance

  • Preparation

  • Review and update projections

  • Management services

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